New Version Of Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress (v.2.2)

New version of Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress has been released.

Updates since v2.0:

  • Compatibility with MediCenter and GymBase themes, now plugin can be installed without conflicts ([timetable] shortcode changed to [tt_timetable])
  • Weekdays changed to Timetable columns in admin area (weekday parameter changed to columns parameter)
  • New sample tables can be imported
  • ‘Custom css’ parameter added
  • New event block layout (which is displaying only start hour in timetable)
  • Logic change for weekdays order parameter (from now Monday: order 1, Tuesday: order 2, Sunday: order 7) (was: Monday: order 2, Tuesday: order 3, Sunday: order 1)
  • Bug fix: missing events when using event categories filter kind

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