• The theme includes everything you need for a cleaning company. The support for the theme was exceptional. All questions were answered in a timely manner. Would highly recommend!

    HMITCHELL87 for CleanMate WP Theme
  • Very impressed with the level of excellent and quick support. At my closing time I'll start a support ticked and can expect a very helpful reply the next morning. Highly Recommended!

    WillzShire for CleanMate WP Theme
  • I bought this theme for a costumer. I can't say that I didn't add some CSS code but I will say for sure that this template sure is amazing! The design is great, especially for both RTL and LTR, same with the responsive design... I also love the fact that I can change easily the main color of the website. Basically, it was customized in a way that I really didn't have to use lot's of code to change the template to my preferences. Really nice, especially for those who don't really know how to use code. Even though the theme is great, it isn't the main reason why I'm writing this comment. I can say that as a costumer I may have been quite annoying 'cause I asked lots of questions on things that I wanted to add to my website (most of it were my customer requests) and the support team really didn't disappoint me. They always welcome my questions and requests kindly and also very quickly which is sadly not obvious. Usually on other templates supports I get a response only a few days after my question and they don't help as THIS support DOES, they sincerely answer and even though they don't have to, they provide me the codes that match my request.

    shellykah for CleanMate WP Theme
  • Great theme. Purchased for a clients website and it was easy to install, came packed with great features and laid out beautifully. Impressed. Fantastic job!

    anitrone for CleanMate WP Theme
  • Amazing support, I received very helpful tips for all my questions, and I had a lot of them haha! The team explained everything in a way that I could understand, adding print screens if necessary which made things so much clearer. They responded within 24 hours, which was awesome as well. Overall, I can't say anything else then: if you want a theme, that looks great, works great and have support which makes your life easier? Choose this one, you will love it.

    rubyvandort for Medicenter WP Theme
  • There are a couple of things that I'd like to point out related to my good rating of MediCenter. Firstly - MediCenter is one of the best looking, slick health themes I ever came across. Secondly in order to figure out the settings you will definitely need some support. Thirdly and most importantly - THEIR SUPPORT IS AMAZING!

    marijana021 for Medicenter WP Theme
  • I have to be honest. I tried A LOT of medical templates, and overall this is the best. The customer support is at the top, the coding is very good and the responsive well done. I'm fully satisfied of my purchase.

    Grievas for Medicenter WP Theme
  • The support is excellent, friendly and fast. There is so much more good to say about this theme than just these few lines. I am using it for long now and it never looks outdated. It´s updated all the time if necessary. I highly recommend it!

    cehweh for Medicenter WP Theme
  • This is THE BEST theme support that I ever seen on any paid theme. The support is so amazing that there probably no way I will find better support anywhere soon. Also, graphics are amazing and theme documentation is very helpfull.

    nunonunes360 for Medicenter WP Theme
  • There are many nice themes available, of which this is one of the best, but customer support is everything. Each theme works in different ways and sometimes it's hard, especially if you're not a coder, to get everything to work just right, but these guys always respond to questions and go the extra mile to get your site working. Awesome.

    jasonkimmings for Medicenter WP Theme
  • This Theme hit my expectations. For different pages, are different styles available. Doesn't matter if you are an engineering team, or an inspection team or a small group of mechanics. Everything is possible and adjustable easily! Well done guys, great work!

    Lemonator83 for Car Service WP Theme
  • Honestly, not only is this WordPress plugin and car booking system just exactly what I was looking for, the support from QuanticaLabs is absolutely incredible. I have had a few issues that were painful for me, but the support I received has been absolutely amazing - solving all my issues (with a fix for one bug I discovered coming in the next version) and allowing me to take my web site live to take customer bookings within the space of 2 weeks. I highly recommend QuanticaLabs just for the support aspect alone - their templates are great, but their support is phenomenal. AAA+++

    guerre64 for Chauffeur WP Plugin
  • Great plugin, great work! I really appreciate the code quality and the support team is superb, always ready to help. I highly suggest to buy this plugin if you are looking for a chauffeur software for your company.

    vietkong for Chauffeur WP Plugin
  • Well written code, with too many options. Not too detailed documentation but the support is excellent. Author answered all my qwestions immediately! Great thing is that when you ask for something that the plugin does not support, author does not just say to you "it cannot do that", but it adds your request in his next release. Also very good that when you find a bug, author releases a new version with the corrections in a day or two! Great job, thanks!

    dclickgr for Chauffeur WP Plugin
  • The designer of this theme is insane at answering any question you might have. I am an absolute noob at website design and this creator helped me integrate this theme to every last detail I desired. Everyone who purchases this theme should buy the extra 6 months of help. It will be WELL worth your while. 10/10 and I do not say that very often.

    drewwolf33 for Auto Spa WP Theme
  • We really like this theme. The developer has worked with us to make sure it fits our needs and our customers routinely comment on how professional our site looks compared to our competition. We've had more than a few customers think we are a chain or a much bigger operation simply due to the quality of our site. Thanks!

    tatumjonj for Auto Spa WP Theme