• How Swimming Lessons Help Kids With Stress & Anxiety

    Nowadays, children face so many problems both at school and at home. Swimming can serve as a healthy outlet to help keep them physically and mentally fit. Not only is it one of the few non-contact activities that children can safely participate in, but swimming is scientifically proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, research shows that swimming [...]
  • Why Is Sport So Important to Our Child?

    It is very important to get your children used to an active lifestyle from an early age. A young person who is physically active develops better, gets sick less, is more confident and knows how to deal with failures. In addition, he gains many opportunities to make social contacts, build interpersonal relationships and share emotions related to achieving success or [...]
  • When Should You Start Learning to Swim?

    This may surprise some, but children can be taken to the swimming pool from an early age! Already a three-year-old toddler can get used to water enough to feel good and safe in it. But what to do with such young children in the pool? Play! No one else knows better than us parents that it is a game that [...]