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Introducing Boat and Yacht Charter Booking System – the ultimate WordPress plugin for managing bookings and reservations for your watercraft business. Whether you operate a small water equipment rental or a full-service marina, our plugin makes it easy to streamline your bookings and boost your online visibility.

With our plugin, you’ll be able to handle a large number of vessels and an unlimited number of locations, making it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. The step-by-step booking process is simple and user-friendly, with features like online payments, e-mail and SMS notifications, and integrations with popular platforms like WooCommerce and Google Calendar.

Our intuitive backend administration makes it easy to manage your reservations and ensure your customers have the best possible experience. Whether you’re looking to increase bookings for your water equipment rental, boost occupancy at your marina, or offer charter services, Boat and Yacht Charter Booking System has you covered.

Backend Feature List


Displays a list of all submitted orders (bookings) in the system.

  • Browse, edit or delete submitted bookings.
  • Quick preview on: booking name, status, place of departure and return, rental period, boat, client, order price, date of booking.
  • Set statuses for bookings: New, Accepted, Rejected, Finished.
  • Detailed info about: status, departure date and time, departure location, return date and time, return location, order total amount.
  • Detailed billing info: id, ordered item name and unit, quantity, net unit price, net value, tax rate, total gross amount.
  • Detailed watercraft info: boat name, boat prices including initial fee, rental per day fee, rental per hour fee, deposit, one way fee, departure after business hours fee, return after business hours fee.
  • Ordered extras list: ordered item name, quantity, net unit price, net value, tax rate, total gross amount.
  • Detailed client info: client first and last name, e-mail address, phone number, client comment, billing address.
  • Selected payment method.

Booking Forms

With this module you can create unlimited number of booking forms and for each of the forms define different settings.

  • Define default booking status for new order.
  • Enable or disable geolocation.
  • Enable or disable WooCommerce support.
  • Set default sorting option for boats.
  • Assign supported marinas.
  • Select default departure marina (optional).
  • Select default return marina (optional).
  • Turn on/off the ability to choose a marina by the customer.
  • Set currencies.
  • Enable or disable coupons.
  • Enable or disable minimum order value to send the booking.
  • Decide whether to openly show any additional fees or hide them (will be added to the total price).
  • Enable or disable net prices.
  • Show or hide ‘sail’ form field in the first booking step.
  • Set the default value of the ‘sail’ form field.
  • Show or hide departure/return ‘time’ form field in the first booking step.
  • Set timepicker interval in minutes.
  • Show or hide by default or set as mandatory billing address form fields.
  • Customize ‘Back to home’ button on the ‘Thank you’ page.
  • Enable or disable boat counters.
  • Enable or disable sticky summary sidebar.
  • Enable or disable boats filtering.
  • Enable or disable scroll to extra options after choosing a boat.
  • Select which form fields should be marked as mandatory.
  • Enable or disable form preloader.
  • Enable or disable top navigation bar.
  • Enable or disable boat attributes visibility.
  • Add custom form fields to the booking form.
  • Add custom agreements form fields needed to be accepted by the client prior making a booking.
  • Set plugin color scheme with bulid-in color picker.
  • Enable or disable google map.
  • Enable or disable dragging on the map.
  • Enable or disable scroll wheel on the map.
  • Set google map look and feel.
  • Set google map zoom level.
  • Style google map in JSON format.

Booking Extras

A module that allows you to add unlimited number of add-ons which can then be selected by the customer like skipper, outboard engine or additional cruise related services.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete booking extras.
  • Quick preview on: booking extras name, price, published date.
  • Add add-on description.
  • Define add-on quantity (minimum, default, maximum).
  • Set add-on quantity equal to number of rental days.
  • Block the possibility of changing the number of selected add-ons.
  • Set add-on toggle button default state (not selected, selected, mandatory).
  • Set add-on unit price.
  • Set add-on tax rate.
  • Set add-on price type: price per entire rental period x quantity or price per single day x quantity.
  • Assing boats for which this add-on applies (optional).
  • Assing boats for which this add-on has a different price (optional).


With this module you can define unlimited number of watercrafts (or boats) and set a number of parameters for them.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete boats.
  • Quick preview on: item thumbnail, item title, number of guests and cabins, rental prices, published date.
  • Set boat name and add description using the default WordPress editor.
  • Set boat featured image.
  • Select at least one marina at which the boat is available.
  • Enter boat length to be displayed in the booking.
  • Enter the number of guests the boat can accommodate.
  • Enter the number of cabins the boat has.
  • Define ‘Group Code’ to create a set of boats. Only one boat from the group with the same code will be displayed on booking form.
  • Define whether the captain is mandatory, unavailable or optional for the boat.
  • Set prices including: initial fee, rental per day fee, rental per hour fee, deposit, one way fee, departure after business hours fee, return after business hours fee.
  • Assign and set boat attributes (see Attributes module).
  • Set boat availability, exclude dates from the booking form.

Boat Types

A list of available watercrafts (or boats) types.

Boat Attributes

In this module you can define unlimited number of watercrafts (or boats) attributes and then you can assign them to single boats in their settings.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete boats attributes.
  • Quick preview on: attribute name, attribute type, published date.
  • Select one of the three attribute types: Text Value, Single Choice, Multi Choice.
  • A text value is used for any custom text. For example, you can define an attribute named ‘color’ and then specify it by entering it in a single boat settings.
  • A single and multi choices are used for predefined values. For example, you can define an attribute named ‘fuel type’ with two values ‘petrol’ and ‘diesel’ and then specify one of them or both of them in a single boat settings.

Pricing Rules

An extensive module that allows you to create an unlimited number of pricing rules depending on selected forms, departure marinas, return marinas, selected boats, selected days of the week, selected dates or dates ranges, rental days number, rental hours number.


A list of available locations (marinas).

  • Browse, add, edit or delete locations (marinas).
  • Quick preview on: item title, published date.
  • Add information about the marina such as: total berths number, maximum boat length and draught supported.
  • Set rental period during which a customer can rent a boat.
  • Set minimum and maximum number of days that the boat can be rented (optional).
  • Set minimum and maximum number of days that the boat can be rented depending on the date (optional).
  • Set time in minutes between consecutive bookings (optional).
  • Set countries available.
  • Set default contry for billing address.
  • Set default boat for location (optional).
  • Select in which way (if at all) plugin has to check if the boat is available to book.
  • Set is it possible to departure or return a boat after business hours.
  • Add location address and contact details.
  • Add location map coordinates.
  • Add location business hours.
  • Select one or more payment methods available.
  • Enable or disable the necessity to choose a payment method by a client.
  • Enable or disable payment processing.
  • Set the default payment option (optional).
  • Set logotypes for different payment methods.
  • Define the settings for selected payment gateways (e.g. paypal or stripe).
  • Set e-mail notification options.
  • Set Nexmo/Vonage SMS notification options.
  • Set Twilio SMS notification options.
  • Set Telegram notofication options.
  • Enable or disable google calendar integration.


A module that allows you to create discount coupons for customers.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete coupons.
  • Quick preview on: coupon code, usage limit, percentage discount, fixed discount, active from (date), active to (date).
  • Add new coupon code with a single click (automatically generated code).
  • Set and view current usage limit for a coupon.
  • Select boats for which coupon will be applied.
  • Select boat categories for which coupon will be applied.
  • Set the date a coupon is active from (optional).
  • Set the date a coupon is active to (optional).
  • Set percentage or fixed discount value.
  • Set the discount based on number of rental days (optional).

Tax Rates

Define available tax rates like 0%, 8%, 23%.

E-mail Accounts

Define e-mail accounts for notifications.

Frontend Feature List

  • Responsive Layout
  • Retina Ready
  • Ajax Driven
  • Step Based Form with Easy Steps Navigation
  • Google Maps integration
  • WooCommerce Integration (the Plugin is Also Fully Functional without WooCommerce Installed)
  • Integrated with Paypal, Stripe and WooCommerce Payment Gateways
  • Support for Cash and Wire Transfer Payment Methods
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • SMS Integration with Nexmo and Twilio
  • Telegram Messenger Integration
  • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress Integration
  • Uses Geolocation
  • Extensive Pricing Rules
  • Custom Order Form Fields
  • Custom Agreements
  • Unlimited Booking Forms with Different Settings
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Unlimited Watercrafts (Boats)
  • Unlimited Add-Ons
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Demo Content Available with One Click Importer
  • Fully Translatable with .po / .mo Files
  • Valid HTML5 Code
  • Crossbrowser Compatible

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  • WordPress Plugin for Boat and Yacht Charter
  • Step-by-step Booking Process with Online Payments, E-mail and SMS Notifications, WooCommerce and Google Services Integration
  • 6 Months Support Included
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